Specification Sheets

The specification sheets are intended to assist specifiers, purchasers, and/or user groups to correctly communicate to the manufacturer the treated product they need for its intended purpose. This will ensure that the product selected will have a long and successful life in-service.

The specification sheets are not meant to replace the CSA O80 Standard, but rather help specifiers, purchasers, and/or user groups in navigating the standard and identifying the correct section(s) for each product or product group required. To this end, the Specification Sheets are a reflection of the species, treatment preservatives, and treatment types that have been tested and approved by the CSA O80 Standard Technical Committee. It is important to note that although a species and/or treatment is allowable, it may not be commercially available. For example, because of geography and economics a red pine utility pole may not be available in Saskatchewan or a specific preservative may not be available to you because treating plants in your area supply a different, albeit acceptable, alternative product. Checking with local suppliers to identify specific product availability is important prior to issuing a tender document and can save time and money.


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