The CSA Group recently published a new edition of CSA S406-14 Specification of permanent wood foundations for housing and small buildings. This first new edition since 1992 is a result of the support of the WPC and CWPA members, and contributions of regulators, builders, and users from across Canada.


The 2014 edition of CSA S406 includes the following major changes:

(a) 3-storey construction is now permitted, with revised design tables;

(b) building widths have been increased from 8 m to 12 m;

(c) sealant and damp proofing requirements have been revised, with optional drainage layers added;

(d) variable granular bed depths are now specified;

(e) nail diameters and spacing have been included;

(f) the minimum stud size has been increased from 38 mm x 89 mm to 38 mm x 140 mm;

(g) details for wall openings and walkouts have been revised; and

(h) tabulated framing and plywood sheathing requirements have been revised based on CSA O86, Engineering Design in Wood.


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