CWPCA Certification Authority

CWPCA Steering Committee

The CWPCA Steering Committee consists of seven to nine members representing technical, consultative and treating plant expertise. The Committee strives to ensure that it is representative of the geographical areas where treating plants are operational and includes all preservative types. Members commit to a three-year term, and the composition of the Committee is reviewed annually.

The 2017 CWPCA Steering Committee Consist of:

Craig Frohlich (Chair)
Guelph Utility Pole Co. (Stella-Jones)

Brian Boyle
Spray Lake Sawmills

Peter Goldrup 
Sundre Forest Products 

Ron Zeegers
Stella-Jones Inc.

Matt Rohrbacher
Shelburne Wood Protection 

Todd Schoffstoll
Viance LLC

Paul Dandy
Arch Wood Protection, A Lonza Company

Craig Wilson
Timber Specialties Co.

Sylvain Couture
Stella-Jones Inc.

Danny Goodine
Marwood Ltd.

Elizabeth Marion
Princeton Wood Preservers


BlueMetric Environmental Inc. (WESA)

The Inspection Firm that has been selected for this program is WESA  Inc. WESA is a leading environmental sciences, engineering, health and safety consulting group providing professional services to business and industries. Up-to-date information about the firm can be found at

WESA auditors are accredited with the Auditing Association of Canada, have expertise in industrial auditing procedures and is able to provide services across Canada in both official languages.

A dedicated team of senior WESA auditors has been assigned to this project based on their auditing experience and their work within the forest products industry. The Project Manager, Ian Macdonald, M.Sc., P.Geo. EP (CEA), has 25 years of experience in environmental auditing. He is the Director of Environmental Services with WESA, and has conducted more than 400 audits across Canada, Central America and the UK.

For more information on the CWPCA certification program, please consult the CWPCA section in the toolbox.

Should you have any questions or comments for Ian Macdonald, please contact him at WESA by phone:
Tel.: (519) 742-6685 ext. 212


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